Take your career to the next level and become an advanced lash artist !!

When you choose to train with us for the advanced ‘ Russian ‘ Volume Technique

You will experience a Master class delivered by an Industry expert.

You will leave the day with an advanced knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the human eye area and lash.

Learning how to perform a thorough consultation, patch test and how to document legally and accurately to conform to the latest insurance guidelines and photographs the eye area capturing the eye area only.

You will be trained how to complete a full treatment using custom made fans and pre-made fans to deliver an ‘express’ or ‘bespoke’ volume treatment.

Your trainer will help you to develop your technique to eliminate RSI, and eliminate any bad habits you have picked up since your last training event.

You will be able to give accurate aftercare and follow up advice with an advanced understanding of why each element is so important.

You will utilize a variety of corrective techniques for certain ‘problem’ eye areas. If that wasn’t enough we will help you set out a treatment menu for price and timings that will work well for you in your given area.

As well as developing your current understanding of how advertising works particularly for our industry, our main focus being social media.

The Hollywood Lashes Headquarters

This is where the magic happens – our headquarters situated in Nottingham.

Hollywood Lashes Headquarters