The Original Semi Permanent 

Hollywood Lashes first set eyes a fluttering when it launched it’s innovative eyelash extension system into the Uk in 2004. Since then Over 4500 UK salons have introduced Hollywood Lashes semi permanent eyelash extensions into their outlets.

This cost effective, easy to master and increasingly ‘en vogue’ application.

Add to your current portfolio of treatments to offer your existing clients and a proven way of attracting new ones.

Furthermore helping to boost your profitability in a blink of eye.

More and more women enjoy looking gorgeous everyday and are prepared to pay to achieve it.

Hollywood lashes will help you to take a larger slice of this expanding market with a very modest investment to get you up and running.

High brand Awareness  Hollywood Lashes 

You will be buying into a market leading brand awareness.

Because clients ask for Hollywood Lashes by name. You should be giving them precisely that: the absolute best: not an inferior, cheaper alternative.

You can be sure our core products have been tried and tested for at least 2 years with customer feedback and repeat purchases demonstrating them to be of the highest quality and durability.

Our proven track record is why Hollywood Lashes are trusted by leading make-up artists in the worlds of television , cinema, theatre, and fashion – and their celebrity clients.

Reputation is founded on the quality and range of our eyelash extension products, the confidence and success you will achieve through our accredited training attentive after-sales support and customer service.

We hope you will become a proud advocate of Hollywood Lashes too.

Confidence In our Products

As a salon owner or freelance therapist, you need to have total confidence in the products you use. Beginning with each individual lash to our adhesives and de bonders.

Our team is 100% committed to providing first class products, service, support and professional training.

We want your business to thrive !!

As the market continues to grow, applications have become more sophisticated and over time, Hollywood lashes has introduced new eyelash curls, thickness and lengths to suit the needs of individual customers.

Hollywood Lashes eyelash extensions are truly  exceptional.

They are handmade are natural looking, with no bobbles or feathering.

With differing curves and volumes so that they can be applied on top, below or on either side of the donor lash.

Using our safest semi permanent adhesive on the market , each luxurious lash will stay attached to the donor lash, remaining flexible and bouncy for 8 to 10 weeks.

Our lashes are water resistant so your clients will be able to swim, shower, sweat, sleep or shed a tear without the worry of the lashes falling off.


A huge range of LOW PRICED products and training

We keep our prices low by placing large orders with manufacturers.

Why not carry out  some price comparisons with other lash product suppliers?

We are sure you will be surprised how competitively our prices are and how large our product range is.

To further compliment this you can be assured our Liquid Products are manufactured here in the UK conforming to the EC Legislation on cosmetic safety alongside Reach.

We do not stock Chinese, Vietnamese, Taiwanese or other Aisan countries liquids!!